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Ideas and Digital Products for Couples

Hi there! We're MD Meets Techie. We build fun digital products and experiences that help couples enrich their relationship and build a deeper sense of connection. Through our templates, books, and games, we help people at all stages in their relationship communicate, plan and reach their goals. 

About Us.

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The Relationship Journal
On Notion.

A clean, beautiful Notion template that helps you document your journey with your partner and develop an even stronger relationship. This is our brand new Euphoria theme with neutral pastel colors and a fresh tile-design that is suited for viewing in both light and dark mode.

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Document your discussions and upcoming plans

Track important dates and milestones in your lives

Write down your travel wishlists

Set goals and hold each other accountable to them

Create your own photo albums

Note down your Netflix watch lists and reading lists

Couple's Financial pLANNER ON gOOGLE SHEETS

A simple and organized Google Sheets template that lets any couple input their current earning and spending budgets, their plans for future spending, and simulate their net worth for the next 40 years. This sheet will take you through a guided, four-step process to optimize their future finances and have important conversations on delicate subjects such as buying vs renting a home, having kids (when and how many?), and saving for retirement

Couple's Financial Planner
Input of Basic Financial Details
Adjusting your future incomes and expenses
Input of your future plans
Reviewing your Financial Model
Charts, graphs and analysis

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