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The Best Gifts MD and Techie Have Gifted Each Other

A Personalized Flipbook

MD created a personalized flipbook for Techie using simple post-it notes. She came up with a funny story about a day in the life of Techie and drew it on all pages of a post-it note to make it play.

A Life Research Paper

Techie gifted MD a research paper dedicated to her life that covers her upbringing in Bangladesh to her wild teenage years and now to her focus as a doctor in training. This gift is a thoughtful gesture to show your appreciation for someone's hard work and dedication.

Personalized Poem

Techie wrote a personalized poem for MD, which captured all experiences of their relationship. The poem ended with a proposal that MD may have said yes to.

Personalized Travel Itinerary

MD prepared a personalized birthday travel itinerary for Techie, which involved visits to magical train rides (Techie loves trains), the Amish village, and ending in a relaxing hot tub at a cool Airbnb.


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